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Purpose - Why is Celebration Recovery Important?

  • Recovery is now recognized as a reality for persons with even the most serious mental and emotional problems.

  • Recovery brings a renewed sense of purpose and meaning and an improved quality of life. Individuals in recovery no longer view their “illness” as their major defining characteristic but rather as just one aspect of their overall identity.

  • The vision of recovery replaces stigma and negative stereotypes of mental illness with respect, hope, self-determination, and empowerment.

  • Recovery is a person-centered process that is nurtured by collaboration and partnership with a community of peers, friends, family, and those who provide services and support.

  • Celebration Recovery is a true community event with support and participation from many individuals and local groups and organizations. The process of planning for each event is an important part of the event itself. Planning builds coalitions in communities and expands networking for more informed understanding and integration of mental health services.

  • Celebration Recovery helps improved public awareness so that all may have the opportunity to regain the potential to live a full and productive life.

  • Participating in Celebration Recovery offers rewarding opportunities to:

    ~ Show your support for the mental health community.

    ~ Interact directly with the mental health community.

    ~ Help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

    ~ Share successes and create opportunities for recovery in the community.

    ~ Encourage awareness of the recovery oriented transformation in mental
    health care – a shift that focuses on hope, optimism, respect, resilience,
    personal choice, and empowerment.



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